AIM operations

Cost effective hosting and support solutions for AIM operations


AIM operational services allow customers to concentrate on the maintenance of AIM Static Data while the creation and upkeep of publications, such as a Preflight Information Bulletin (PIB), the State AIP or an Airline Flight Guide, can be centralised. This methodology saves time, system costs and resources.

Customers maintain data sovereignty and responsibility of the information contained in the publications by maintaining the static data. GroupEAD acts exclusively as the publication manager.

GroupEAD provides these services as one-off services or as regular services.

Pre-Flight Information services

GroupEAD provides tailored Pre-Flight Information services and bulletins for our customers around the world.

NOTAM services

GroupEAD can provide either support or a centralisation of quality assured NOTAMs compliant with ICAO Annex 15 & EUROCONTROL’s Operating Procedures for AIS Dynamic Data (OPADD).

NOTAM services include validating, processing and publishing of NOTAMs. We are also able to provide data integrity checks for organisations that hold NOTAM information in their own databases – providing a greater confidence in the quality and accuracy of NOTAM information.

State AIP service

The ICAO Annex 15 compliant State AIP service includes the management of authorised originators of information, assessment of change requests, static data management, production scheduling, cartographic and desktop publishing implementation, originator coordination, amendment creation, and distribution of data and publications.

To ensure more reliable aeronautical information states are encouraged to convert paper-based AIPs to digital AIPs. GroupEAD has extensive experience with digital AIPs and is able to convert an AIP from any format into an electronic AIP.

The data provided to us will be validated for consistency and entered in a static database. The electronic AIP will be produced from the static data. The resulting AIP will be fully compliant with ICAO Annex 15, ICAO Document 8126 and EUROCONTROL eAIP specifications.

Updating of the electronic AIP will be done by management of the static database. The customer may choose to take over the task of updating the database after the initial population of data.

Aeronautical charting

As part of the State AIP Service, or as a standalone service, GroupEAD can provide aeronautical charting services as specified in ICAO Annex 4. Using source data supplied by the customer GroupEAD will provide the required aeronautical charts in a range of digital formats. Hard-copy prints may be provided if required by the customer.

Customised Flight Information Publication (FLIP) services

GroupEAD can provide customised client-specific aeronautical information for use by airlines, general aviation, flight training organisations, ANSP’s (Air Navigation Service Providers), military units, mobile application providers and other aviation industry participants.

Customised data can be provided in the form of datasets, flight information publications, and aeronautical charting. Customised content can be provided in a variety of digital formats. Hard-copy data can also be provided if required by the customer.

Desktop/Internet publishing services

As part of the State AIP service, or as a standalone service, GroupEAD can provide desktop and/or internet publishing services. Information will be formatted in accordance with ICAO Annex 15 requirements and made available in industry accepted formats either internet browser compatible for publication on the internet, or in publishing formats ready for submission to printing houses.

Data Maintenance

GroupEAD performs static data management and migration services. This includes Initial Data Population of static aeronautical data in an Aeronautical Static Database and the ongoing management and operation of this service. Freeing up our customers to focus on managing the information not the data.

GroupEAD performs regular or on demand Data Maintenance Services for existing aeronautical or equivalent data bases. Our customers recognise that migration and management alone do not constitute a total AIM solution and that database maintenance is equally important in supporting their business and their customers.

For more information or advice, please contact GroupEAD.

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