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Download our AIM Training Catalogue 2017EAD Client Training Programme 2017 or see below for an overview of our courses.

Our experience and know-how make us the best choice for your AIM training needs. We offer courses from Ab Initio aviation training through to AIM specialised and customised training.

GroupEAD training can be provided in English, Spanish, Russian, French and Portuguese.

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GroupEAD Europe more than 12 years’ experience providing training services for EAD users on behalf of EUROCONTROL.

The correct and efficient use of the EAD service requires detailed knowledge of the different EAD applications provided. In order to facilitate the qualification of staff working for EAD, either migrated countries staff as well as internal staff, GroupEAD has established a training center in Frankfurt-Rödelheim. Our program provides information on all available EAD training courses. The training courses will be performed by highly experienced experts working with EAD System on a daily basis.

Online Enrolment EAD Training

AIM Training

Ab Initio

Ab Initio training courses are developed to provide you with the appropriate aviation background needed to understand and participate in AIM operations. These courses provide the participant with a sound foundation in the following subjects:

  • English for AIM
  • Aviation Legislation
  • Characteristics of Aircraft
  • Air Navigation for AIS
  • Meteorology
  • Aerodromes
  • Equipment and Systems
  • Principles of ATM
  • Aeronautical Information Services
  • Dynamic Data (NOTAM Office – NOF)
  • ATS Reporting Office (ARO)

AIM Specialities, including AIXM

AIM Specialty training courses have been developed to provide you with the necessary AIM expert know-how to understand current and future AIM operations.

  • Evolution from AIS to AIM
  • Overview of Aviation / ATM
  • AIM Quality Assurance
  • AIM Excellence Program
  • AICM/AIXM 4.5 and 5.1 – Basic
  • AICM/AIXM 4.5 and 5.1 – Advanced

Online Enrollment AIM Training

Aeronautical Data Quality (ADQ)

Our ADQ4u courses offer a base level of knowledge which can be built upon according to our customer’s specifications. The ADQ4u training courses are organized in three distinct modules:

ADQ Regulation:

  • ADQ Executive Awareness
  • ADQ General Regulation
  • ADQ for Airport Data

Means of compliance:

  • ECTRL means of Compliance
  • AIXM 5.1 Basic and Advanced

Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) – foundations:

  • Evolution from AIS to AIM
  • International AIM

Customized Client-specific Training

  • Training courses are designed specifically for your AIM staff
  • Trainers have extensive training experience and are operational experts. They understand your needs.
  • All the modules are customisable to your needs
  • All modules can be provided in regular mode or in refresher mode
  • Training can be provided at our premises in Madrid or Frankfurt and at your location

For more information or advice, please contact GroupEAD.

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