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AIM Training Academy

GroupEAD Europe S.L, has been providing training services for EAD users on behalf of EUROCONTROL since 2003. Our proven training solutions prepare you for current and future AIM operations.

Our experience and know-how make us the best choice for your AIM training needs. We offer courses from Ab Initio aviation training through to AIM specialised and customised training.



The correct and efficient use of the EAD service requires detailed knowledge of the different EAD applications provided. In order to facilitate the qualification of staff working for EAD, either migrated countries staff as well as internal staff, GroupEAD has a training center in Frankfurt-Rödelheim and Madrid.
Our program provides information on all available EAD training courses. The training courses will be performed by highly experienced experts working with EAD System on a daily basis.

GroupEAD training can be provided in:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • French
  • Portuguese

Need more practical support with EAD applications? Need to discuss and clarify operational procedures (EAD, OPADD, Releases etc)?
Our operationally experienced and highly motivated staff is available, let us know your needs. Operational know-how, practical support or Basic knowledge - we will support you. Contact us for defining the Training according to your specific requirements.

Course Enrolment

For course enrolment please go to AIM Training Academy.