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Digital AIM Products – Route for successful implementation

“Convention vs Digital” in AIM Products The conventional AIS products, like AIP, Supplements and AIC, use text and graphics as tools for information exchange between humans. But what if the information has to be exchanged between computers, and then shown in friendly formats to humans? These formats are ideal for reading and understanding complex ideas,…

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Consultancy Solution for AISP to comply with ICAO Regulations

The challenges Since the implementation and entry into force of ICAO PANS-AIM back in 2018, together with the requirement of implementation of the digital data sets, as well as with the updates in the latest versions of Annex 15 and Doc 8126, a wide number of States are heavily struggling when it comes to implement…

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Consultancy Solution for Aerodrome Operators to comply with EU Regulations

Lately there has been a growing need in demonstrating compliance with a wide variety of technical regulations in aviation and, concerning our domain area, specifically for (EU) Regulations related to aeronautical data and information, hence emphasizing the quality of the data.     GroupEAD has been already providing for years consultancy services for all aspects…

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