Leaders in Aeronautical Information Management

Change in GroupEAD Board of Directors

GroupEAD, the leading AIM Service Provider, was founded by the Spanish ANSP Enaire (formerly known as Aena), the German ANSP DFS (Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH), and the Austrian high-tech Company Frequentis AG. Since it was founded back in 2001, GroupEAD has been successfully guided by the Board of Directors (BoD), a body comprised of three members, each of them nominated by every one of the Shareholders.

Last months have seen changes in the Board of Directors of GroupEAD, starting with the nomination of a new BoD member by the German ANSP (DFS). Board of Director’s new member, Ralf Großebörger, is the Head of Corporate Planning at DFS. Mr Großebörger takes the position of Spokesman of the BoD.

Gonzalo Alonso Pacheco was nominated by Shareholder Enaire as new BoD member. Mr Alonso Pacheco has taken the role of Secretary of the BoD.

Karl Fesl (Frequentis Group), former Spokesman of the Board is now taking the role of President of the Board.

Former Board President Pierre Herrmann (DFS) after 10 very successful years has stepped down from his functions as GroupEAD Board Member. Mr Herrmann was an excellent Board President, steering GroupEAD through many challenges and success stories. He will continue in DFS as Head of Aeronautical Information Management services, playing a key role in one of the largest European ANSPs.