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Consultancy Solution for Aerodrome Operators to comply with EU Regulations

Lately there has been a growing need in demonstrating compliance with a wide variety of technical regulations in aviation and, concerning our domain area, specifically for (EU) Regulations related to aeronautical data and information, hence emphasizing the quality of the data.



GroupEAD has been already providing for years consultancy services for all aspects related to the Aeronautical Data Management including support to some of the largest European ANSP and also those acting as Aerodrome Operators. Considering an actor-based approach, and fulfilling the request of identifying the gaps and demonstrating the levels of compliance regarding aeronautical data handled by an Aerodrome Operator, Regulation (EU) 139/2014 has been the subject of a deep assessment, since it lays down the technical requirements and administrative procedures related to aerodrome data management, specifically for the Authority, the Organization and the Operations parties.

With the subsequent amendments to this Regulation (as a result of CIR (EU) 2020/469 and CDR (EU) 2020/2148) and the development by EASA of its related ‘Easy Access Rules’ in terms of ‘Acceptable Means of Compliance’ and ‘Guidance Material’ for Aerodromes (AMC/GM), a separation between ANSPs/AISPs (parties already addressed by CIR (EU) 2017/373) and Aerodrome Operators providing aeronautical data and information was drawn.

Regulation (EU) 139/2014 (officially referred to as IR-ADR, more commonly known as EASA ADR) is to be complied with by the European Aerodrome Operators originating data. GroupEAD has developed a comprehensive and step-wise consultancy solution for addressing these requirements. A product developed with the aim to identify the gaps and define the levels of compliance with the Regulation(s) applicable to Aerodrome Operators regarding aeronautical data and information quality and surrounding areas:

  • (EU) 139/2014 (as amended by (EU) 2020/2148)
  • (EU) 139/2014 – Acceptable Means of Compliance / Guidance Material (AMC/GM)

The offered guidance material and product solutions are based on the latest EUROCONTROL and community guidance material, such as the ‘EUROCONTROL Guidelines Supporting the Implementation of Aeronautical Information Requirements’ (commonly known as ‘AIR Guide’). In this sense, 3 product solutions have been developed, with a different scope depending on the granularity level for the compliance demonstration:



The services provided can be observed in the Whitepaper developed for such purpose. Since every case is unique, most of the clients’ requests are solved with an individually customized solution.



We encourage you to take a look at it and contact us to info@groupead,com for discovering how to trace a successful roadmap towards regulation compliance!