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GroupEAD & Indra to collaborate for digitalizing EUROCONTROL’s Operational Infrastructure

The agreement between GroupEAD and Indra in supporting EUROCONTROL and its partners in the digital transformation of its operational systems was signed during the World ATM Congress in 2021. Aiming for a more efficient and sustainable European network, EUROCONTROL signed agreements with several partners for supporting the digitalization of its operational systems.

This new and advanced technology, the iNM (Integrated Network Manager), will bring along a wide range of digital solutions which will improve the efficiency, safety and sustainability of EUROCONTROL’s operational systems. By using big data, machine learning and cloud functionalities, iNM will not only reform aeronautical information systems, but also airspace, flight, flow and capacity systems.

Want to know more about this outstanding project? Then, you can have a look at EUROCONTROL’s official site to get a more comprehensive explanation on the scope of the project.