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Job Opening – AIM Operator Frankfurt

Position: GroupEAD AIM Operator (Full-time)
Location: Frankfurt, Germany

Start date of postion: 01.02.2020

If you are interested in this postion, please apply until 17.07.2019 by using the following link:


Optional: You can also include your CV to the Application Form.

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@groupead.com.


In general all Operators are qualified to carry out all EAD functions and services. In addition, the operators are also trained to carry out Service Desk functions. Operator shall have the following skills and experience:

  • good knowledge of Aeronautical operations. AIS/NOF knowledge will be an advantage,
  • good knowledge of aeronautical database systems and of international aeronautical publications will be an advantage,
  • experience in the use of standard PC applications in a Windows environment,
  • ability to work in a multinational and multicultural environment and team.
  • knowledge of AIS related procedures and ICAO standards will be an advantage,
  • English (verbal and written) – CEFR Level B2 or comparable experience and a basic working knowledge of at least one other European language would be an advantage,
  • willingness and ability to work shift duties, 24 hours a day on 7 days a week,
  • ability to learn new things and adapt to new procedures to be followed,
  • ability to work methodically, accurately, calmly and perform non-routine tasks under pressure and time constraints,
  • ability to perform “on-the-job training and, after respective qualification as well classroom training,
  • working knowledge on Service Desk functions would be an advantage.


In general all Operators should be able to:

  • work in all EAD operational positions,
  • perform all tasks of the different services according to the operational documentations (PHB and OO),
  • Record received AI, prepare control sheets when appropriate and notify missing documents,
  • apply the appropriate fall-back procedures,
  • support the supervisor as far as delegated,
  • perform supervision of the technical environment as far as delegated and initiate appropriate actions as appropriate,
  • fill position logs and daily logs,
  • perform L1 & L2 Service Desk support,
  • comply with QSSMS procedures and regulations,
  • perform Quality Reviews as assigned by Supervisors,
  • perform delegated tasks by Supervisor and Operations Manager,
  • participate in the testing of new Software Releases and verify existing TIDs,
  • perform “on-the-job training” (OJT) as required, and classroom training after respective qualification,
  • keep updated in all related operational documentation and international regulations and standards applicable in the different areas,
  • identify improvements to the operational procedures,
  • participate in new business, or being project responsible,
  • coordinate information exchange with customer.

Following additional tasks have to be fulfilled if an operator has one of the following specific operator roles: Trainer.
The Trainers should be able to:

  • provide the assigned training according to time, procedures and resources provided,
  • maintain the qualification and experience required for the training they provide,
  • know and follow the structure and objectives of the course and the training plan they provide,
  • monitor and record student progress according to defined procedures,
  • maintain required training records,
  • identify training improvement activities,
  • update training material (workbooks, slides, exercises and time schedules,
  • improve the training material based on experience and input received during training delivery,
  • maintain effective communication with students ensuring that they are fully briefed and debriefed throughout the course.