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Aeronautical Information Services


Duration: 10 days

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This course addresses the main concepts of AIS and the evolution to AIM. It also explains the AIM  Products and their ICAO reference documents. Participants will be familiar with AIS Data Process and they will have a good overview of the Digital Data Sets and Aeronautical Data Catalogue. The course explains as well the importance of the Data Quality in the context of AIM.

Teaching methods include Classroom. This course is open to current and future AIS/AIM Officers with  no or limited aviation knowledge. This course is administered with a minimum of 4 participants.

Course content

  • Principles of AIS. Main concepts in AIM. Evolution from AIS to AIM
  • Documentation in AIS. ICAO Annexes and Documents
  • Responsibilities and functions of AIS
  • AIM Products Overview. Static and Dynamic Data
  • AIP structure and parts
  • Aeronautical Information Updates: AIP Amdts and SUP
  • Other AIM Products: AIC, NOTAM, Aeronautical Charts
  • Digital Data Sets
  • Integrated Briefing
  • Equipment and software used in AIS and AIM
  • Encode / decode Aeronautical Information. AICM and AIXM
  • Process raw data. Aeronautical Data Process. Static Data Process
  • Coordination with originators, ATS units, customers etc.
  • Compiling and storing static data
  • Data exchange standards and GIS
  • Aeronautical Data Catalogue
  • Quality Management Systems in AIM
  • Quality Assurance in AIM
  • Aeronautical Data Quality
  • AIM strategy
Duration: 10 days

Additional information

Scheduled dates

Jan 29-Feb 09, 2024 – Madrid, Jun 01-12, 2024 – Frankfurt, On demand


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