Leaders in Aeronautical Information Management

AIM Digital Products and Services Specialist


Duration: 5 days

Code AIM-DExpert Categories: ,


Teaching methods include Classroom and virtual. This course is open to current and future AIS/AIM Officers. This course is administered with a minimum of 4 participants.

Course content

  • Data & Databases introduction
  • AIXM Overview
    • Modeling Principles
    • Geometry
    • Temporality
  • Aeronautical Data Management
    • Regulatory aspects
    • Data Collection, Processing and Distribution
    • Formal arrangements
  • Aeronautical Data Quality
    • Data Quality Requirements
    • Data Quality Assurance and Control
  • Digital Data Sets
    • AIP and Aerodrome Mapping
    • Terrain and obstacle
    • Instrument Flight procedures
  • Digital NOTAM
  • Digital AIM in SWIM
    • GANP and ASBU
  • AIM Digital Products applications
Duration: 5 days

Additional information

Scheduled dates

Jun 17-21, 2024 – Frankfurt, Oct 21-25, 2024 – Madrid, On demand


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