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Air Navigation for AIS


Duration: 2 days

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This course will provide the participant with the background knowledge related to Air Navigation including the earth, types of projections, Navigation Aids and conventional flight procedures. Teaching methods include Classroom and virtual. This course is open to current and future AIS/AIM Officers. This course is administered with a minimum of 4 participants.

Course content

  • The Earth, including reference points, lines, direction, distance, position, geodetic concepts,
    the magnetic field and compass and vertical, horizontal and temporal reference systems
  • Projections including the basis for type of projections and their uses in aviation charting
  • Applied navigation including distance between two points, speed and course
  • Navigation Aids with coverage of on-board systems and instruments and ground based/
    satellite systems (NDB, VOR, TACAN, ILS etc.)
  • Conventional flight procedures such as holding, IAP, SID, STAR etc.
Duration: 2 days

Additional information

Scheduled dates

Feb 23-24, 2023 – Madrid, Sep 14-15, 2023 – Frankfurt, On demand


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