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apsXML® eAIP Administrator


Duration: 2 days

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This course offers delegates the opportunity to learn how to create, edit and manage XML eAIP structured textual, tabular and datalinked content using apsXML to create xml, HTML and PDF output. apsXML is a specialised, professional level, Aviation Publishing Software Suite that has been used for many years by the EAD and other aviation agencies around the world to deliver High-Quality, mission-critical eAIP and other structured aviation documentation to clients.

Teaching methods include Classroom/Virtual, PC training and Practice. The course is administered with a minimum of 4 participants.

Course content

  • apsXML® Administration Tools
  • Printing and publishing to PAMS
  • Validating the new eAIP
    (system messages, interpreting validation reports)
  • Generating AIP Parts
  • eAIP Preparation
  • eAIP Printing
  • Issuing the eAIP
  • eAIP PAMS Publishing
  • eSupplements
  • eCirculars
  • Troubleshooting and high-level file manipulation and
    recovery procedures
  • Practical exercises
Duration: 2 days

Additional information

Scheduled dates

Nov 14-15 2024 – Edinburgh, On demand


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