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Data User Training


Duration: 2 days

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This two day course offers a complete view of all of the software available to data users. Systems covered will include an introduction to the EAD itself, and then step by step coverage of each software of
interest for users of EAD Data.

Teaching methods include Classroom/Virtual, PC training and Practice. The course is administered with a minimum of 4 participants.

Course content


  • Operational concept and regulations of EAD
  • EAD System architecture (subsystems, contingency etc.)
  • EAD Service structure (Service Provider, IT Provider etc.)
  • How to use the EAD Service Desk
  • Introduction to User Management
  • EAD Explorer and Single Sign-On


  • SDO as the core service within the EAD framework
  • Structure and detailed description of functionalities
  • Data structure (AIXM), data hierarchy and versioning concept
  • Generating SDO reports
  • Defining SDO Reports
  • Structure and detailed description of functionalities
  • INO Data User relation to Static Data
  • AD, Area, Route, Narrow Route and Admin PIB
  • List of Valid NOTAM
  • Single NOTAM Retrieval
  • Finding aerodromes and FIR-s within the application
  • Automatic delivery of PIB-s (e-mail and printer)
  • Profile and Schedule Management
  • Route Management for Narrow Route PIB (creation, editing, checks)
  • Graphical Retrieval of PIB
  • NOTAM Ticker (real-time display of all incoming NOTAM in EAD)

Purpose and scope of SDO Graphical Reporting Tool

  • Functionalities specific to the tool
  • User Preferences to personalize the tool by operator or organisation
  • Definition of Queries to the database and how to save them
  • Predefined Queries preprogrammed into the tool for commonly queried data
  • Redlining to draw text or shapes on the display
  • Geometry Tree showing the specific points and data that make up the selected element
Purpose and scope of INO Graphical Reporting Tool
  • Functionalities specific to the Tool
  • Retrieving and displaying PIB
  • Graphical display of NOTAM


  • Principles of Document Management System
  • Document types within PAMS
  • Concept of versioning
  • Structure and detailed description of functionalities
  • Search, download, viewing and printing functionalities
  • Shopping Cart
  • Metadata
  • Concept of access rights
  • Access to electronic AIP
  • Parallel working
Duration: 2 days*
* Upon request can be offered as a one day training.

Additional information

Scheduled dates

Mar 21-22 2024 – Frankfurt, Sep 04-05 2024 – Frankfurt, On demand


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