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General Criteria and Conventional Practice

Duration: 4 weeks

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The course is based on PANS-OPS ICAO Doc 8168 Volume II Construction of Visual and Instrument Flight Procedures; it describes the essential areas and obstacle clearance requirements for the achievement of safe, regular instrument flight operations.

Teaching methods include Classroom. Prerequisite is a Geodesy for procedure designers. This course is administered with a minimum of 4 participants.

Course content

  • Introduction & General Design Criteria
  • ICAO Overview
  • Ground Based Navaids
  • Approach Classifications
  • Turn Area Construction & Fixes
  • NPA Introduction, Final Segment, Intermediate & Initial Segments
  • NPA Reversal & Racetrack Procedures
  • Missed Approach Segment
  • Conventional Holding Procedures
  • Circling Approach
  • Minimum Sector Altitude
  • Instrument Approach Charts
  • PA Introduction and ILS Principles
  • PA Basic ILS and Obstacle Assessment Surfaces (OAS) & PA Exercise
  • Collision Risk Model
  • Visual Segment Surface
  • Departures & Omnidirectional Departures
  • Straight and Turning Departures
  • En-route Procedures & Standard Arrival Procedures
Duration: 4 weeks

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