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Helicopter (Point in Space) Procedures


Duration: 3 days

Code PD-HEL Category:


Provide training on instrument flight procedure design and helicopter procedures in particular, applying design criteria as defined in ICAO PANS OPS Volume 2 Part IV. The participant will  understand the benefits derived from the combination of PBN and the helicopter flight dynamics and manoeuvrability, and be able to apply the acquired knowledge in their daily flight procedures design activities. The course can also be of interest for existing or future helicopter flight validation pilots.

Teaching methods include Classroom. This course is open to Flight procedure designers with completed trainings in initial and advanced PANS-OPS; existing or future helicopter flight validation pilots . This course is administered with a  minimum of 4 participants.

Course content

  • Supported by CAD tools, apply design criteria as defined in ICAO PANS OPS Volume II, for the construction of Category H and Point-in-Space (PinS) departures and approach procedures (LNAV and LPV minima)
  • Proceed VFR and Proceed Visually concepts
  • Direct and Manoeuvring Visual Segments
  • Charting of helicopter procedures
  • Considerations for the validation of helicopter Instrumental Flight Procedures
Duration: 3 days

Additional information

Scheduled dates

Feb 01-03, 2023 – Madrid, On demand


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