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PAMS Data Provider


Duration: 1 day

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This course explains the software used in EAD to display PDF versions of AIP from participating States. The participant will be able to add/remove AIP documents and maintain existing documents in the PAMS software, including eAIP. Additional functionality that links PAMS to SDO and INO is also covered, such as Trigger NOTAM proposals.

Teaching methods include Classroom/Virtual, PC training and Practice. The course is administered with a minimum of 4 participants.

Course content

  • Structure and detailed description of functionalities
  • Maintenance of AIP, supplements, amendments, charts,
    AIC, and RAD in PAMS
  • Creating new documents
  • Updating version data
  • Creating another version
  • Removing and cancelling documents
  • Duplicate check
  • NOTAM Proposal
  • Electronic AIS
  • Parallel working
Duration: 1 day

Additional information

Scheduled dates

Apr 19 2024 – Madrid, Sep 03 2023 – Frankfurt, Nov 21 2024 – Frankfurt, On demand


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