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Path & Terminator Coding in AIM


Duration: 2 days

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The ARINC 424 Path & Terminator coding course has been designed as an introduction to aeronautical database coding of Instrument Flight procedures. The training course combines both
theory and practical exercises requiring students to complete hands-on coding exercises in order to provide the instructor feedback on the attained skill level of the students. The course is
based on a presentation of the subject theory, illustrated with ‘realistic’ data, tables and aeronautical charts from actual AIP’s that closely reflect the operating environment of the students.
The theory as well as the exercises are illustrated with static database examples using the smartGlobe aeronautical charting system.

Course content

  • Procedure coding methodology based on the ARINC 424 Path & Terminator concept
  • History and background of the Path & Terminator concept
  • Overview of Documentation and Discussion of individual Path Terminators
  • Allowed Leg Combinations, Waypoint Description codes and mandatory attributes
  • Application of PT concept to SID procedures, examples and commonly used PT combinations in SID procedure, Special SID coding consideration
  • Application of PT concept to STAR procedures, examples and commonly used PT combinations in STAR procedure(s), Special STAR coding consideratiom
  • Application of PT concept to IAP procedures, examples and commonly used PT combinations in IAP procedure, Special IAP coding consideration
Duration: 4 days

Additional information

Scheduled dates

Jun 03-06 2024 – Frankfurt, Oct 28-31 2024 – Frankfurt, On demand


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