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RNP Navigation (Doc 9905) & BARO-VNAV

Duration: 1 week

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This course covers approaches with vertical guidance (APV) including the RNP-AR and a revisit of the Baro-VNAV procedure design criteria. Required Navigation Performance Authorisation Required (RNP-AR) APCH operations are classified as approach procedures with vertical guidance (APVs). This type of operation requires a positive vertical navigation (VNAV) guidance system for the Final Approach Segment (FAS).

Teaching methods include Classroom. This course is administered with a  minimum of 8 participants.

Course content

  • RNP AR General Criteria
  • RNP AR — Arrivals
  • RNP AR — RNP Final Segment
  • RNP AR — Intermediate and Initial Segment
  • RNP AR — Missed Approach
  • RNP refers to both advanced and and authorisation required procedures
  • Practical application
Duration: 1 week

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