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SDD Data Provider


Duration: 3 days

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This course provides participants with the ability to input data and manage data in SDD database based on features and attributes.

Teaching methods include Classroom/Virtual, PC training and Practice. The course is administered with a minimum of 4 participants.

Course content

  • SDD HMI as included in the WFM Tool
  • Explanation of connections
  • High level comparison of SDO Data
    Provider and SDD Data Provider
  • Data Structure as based on AIXM 5.1
  • Data hierarchy
  • Temporality concept
  • Maintenance – search, insert, update and
    withdraw static data
  • Maintenance – aerodrome, heliports, navaids, points,
    obstacles, organizations, routes
  • Operator Container and associated functionality
  • Master Container and associated functionality
  • SDD Upload and download management
  • Typical workflows
  • Practical exercises
Duration: 3 days

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