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ADQ – Aeronautical Data Quality

ADQ4u is the best solution to meet EC 73/2010 regulation requirements

ADQ4u: Gap Analysis

GroupEAD provides “ADQ4u”, a range of consultancy services that address the needs of all affected parties. Our ADQ4u services guide and support your organization in the implementation of the aeronautical data and information quality requirements stated in EC regulation 73/2010.

The services include the analysis of the current processes in place, the evaluation of compliance with ADQ regulations, the provision of the gap analysis results and the proposed measures for achieving ADQ compliance, including implementation process.

The ADQ4u Gap Analysis is structured in four phases:

  • Phase 1 – Framework evaluation: This phase is aimed at providing GroupEAD with organisational details in order to set up the framework for the Implementation service.
  • Phase 2 - Online Tool: GroupEAD provides access to an online tool (questionnaire) for gathering in depth information related to the level of compliance of the ADQ regulation for the different roles addressed by the client.
  • Phase 3 – Evaluation: GroupEAD analyses the answers to the questionnaire, the documents provided, the processes and the procedures as described by client. The evaluation mirrors against EU 73/2010 regulation requirements and identify compliance / non-compliance.
  • Phase 4 – Gap Analysis Report: GroupEAD provides an evaluation report including all analysis performed to the client.


ADQ4u Compliance roadmap

We are able to prepare a specific and detailed description of all the activities and process you will need to achieve in order to attain ADQ compliancy. This service accelerates your compliance timeframe meaning you become ADQ compliant faster.

ADQ4u Compliance Planning is structured in two steps:

  • Step 1 - ADQ4u Evaluation of measures: an inventory where the potential solutions to become ADQ compliant are detailed, analyzed and evaluated. The final result is a “List of Measures” addressing the different actions that could be taken to become ADQ compliant, indicating the resources needed and the impact on the different customer’s units affected.
  • Step 2 - ADQ4u Roadmap to ADQ Compliance: Based on the discussion of the List of Measures with the client, GroupEAD develops and provides a commonly agreed roadmap detailing, step by step, all the activities to be performed by the client in order to comply with the ADQ regulation.

The final result of this phase is an agreed and feasible “Roadmap for ADQ Compliance” stating all specific actions to be taken by the customer to achieve the goal of compliance with EU Regulation 73/2010.

ADQ4u Implementation service

The ADQ4u implementation service is tailored to meet your specific needs as identified in the gap analysis. It builds on the previously completed compliance roadmap and guides our customers through the journey of ADQ compliance.

ADQ4u Implementation Monitoring
This service consists of monitoring of the implementation of the Roadmap to ADQ Compliance, analyzing the performance and adherence to deadlines, including the proposal for corrective actions when deviations are detected.

ADQ4u Implementation Support
GroupEAD may offer support in specific activities and outputs preparation. These support activities may cover the provision of first drafts for specific outputs, reviewing documents (operational or quality related), defining system requirements or performing testing for system applications.

This service is customized based on the specific needs and activities to be implemented within the framework of becoming ADQ4u compliant.

Support for Aerodrome Data Survey

Coming soon.

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