Leaders in Aeronautical Information Management


PANS-OPS Basic - Practical Component

This 2-week course provides participants with instructor-led discussion and technical exercises focused on the practical application of PANS-OPS Basic theory. It is therefore a pre-requisite that all participants have successfully completed a PANS-OPS Basic Theory component, either online or in the classroom.

Syllabus (Practical Exercises):

Week 1 – Conventional procedures

- VOR/DME approach
- VOR/DME departure with transitions
- VOR/DME holding pattern
- ILS for one RWY to Cat II minima
- Circling minima

Week 2 – RNAV procedures

- RNAV changes introduced in November 2014
- RNAV arrival
- RNAV approach
- RNAV departure with transition
- RNAV holding pattern
- Proposed changes to PANS OPS criteria

The following course material will be provided to support the practical exercises:
- Enroute structure, including Navaid coordinates
- RWY lengths and threshold (coordinates/elevations)
- Aircraft category information required for design
- Topo map of the exercise area

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