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Procedure Design

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Procedure development

GroupEAD has experience managing the design of instrument flight procedures (IFP).

Customers can provide the required obstacle and terrain data to the required specifications for use in procedure design and maintenance work, or GroupEAD can source the data from specialized providers when necessary. Data provided by customers will be used exclusively for the design of the instrument procedures and will remain the property of the customer.

Procedure maintenance

As well as procedure development GroupEAD also offers an extensive procedure maintenance service where we evaluate customers’ in-service procedures and optimize them for today’s operational environment, technology and requirements.

Performance based navigation

GroupEAD can manage the design of both conventional and performance based navigation (PBN) procedures to the standards specified by ICAO or using custom criteria where required. Results will turn into increased passenger numbers and flights to key destinations that were previously constrained by, e.g. weather conditions or terrain.

Capability Assessment

GroupEAD can provide an on-site assessment of your existing procedure design capability against current best practice, and provide you with an assessment report and roadmap.

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