Leaders in Aeronautical Information Management

Quality, Safety and Security Policy


The implementation and maintenance of QSSMS at GroupEAD is endorsed by the CEO and Management Board.

GroupEAD has developed this Quality System that integrates Safety Support and Security Management in order to ensure:

  • services as provided comply not only with statutory requirements established by legislation, but also to clients and customers requirements and expectations, thus achieving customer and clients satisfaction,
  • services are provided with the highest quality, safety support and security level, and
  • procedures and measurements are in place to achieve continual improvement.

GroupEAD aims to achieve and maintain the excellence in the field of aeronautical information service and flight information management.

Quality can be “produced” only to a limited extent through procedures. A key factor in the service we provide is our staff, who is the main driving force ensuring and consolidating our success. It is one of GroupEAD core management principles to identify staff skills and to constantly provide staff with both a challenge and encouragement. In this context, the assumption of managerial responsibilities and the intensification of work in teams are just as important a component of our business policy as they are for all managers.

Each staff member has responsibility for quality, managers most of all.

GroupEAD is committed to the training and development of its staff, and for this:

  • It has defined Training function within an independent unit (not related to other areas and reporting directly to CEO), to ensure that all staff training needs and requirements are adequately managed,
  • training needs are evaluated, considering not only specific requirements for the individual position of each staff, but also to improve general knowledge or promote staff personal development,
  • all training courses necessary to make sure that its staff obtains the skills required to execute its tasks and to maintain these skills, are organised,
  • training documents, facilities and records are made available to support and enable appropriate training management.

GroupEAD understands safety and security is essential in the aeronautical data businesses and therefore has set up the safety support and security procedures at all functions ensuring safety support and security commitment at all levels (staff, procedures, management...).

The guiding principles of our quality, safety support and security policy are:

  • Quality is always an expression of performance. We understand Quality is performance.
  • Quality pays in terms of customers and suppliers.
  • Quality, Safety Support and Security objectives are defined and reviewed to ensure their effectiveness. Safety Support objectives achievement is considered as a first priority.
  • Security threats are identified and analysed to define the strategy and measurements to avoid any harm in GEAD or in the services provided and minimise their impact.
  • The satisfaction of external customers is a central concern in all our activities, and thus customer related processes are integrated into QSSMS as part of the contract management.
  • The staff of GroupEAD is a key factor in the quality of our service and therefore is principle to train, motivate and involve all staff in the Quality, Safety Support and Security Management Systems deployment and evolution. In fact, staff is continuously informed on systems performances, goals, objectives achievements, changes... and any related subjects.
  • We achieve the best possible performance in all fields of responsibility through state of the art process management and adopting a philosophy of continuous improvement to ensure their effectiveness.
  • Quality Management is an independent activity to ensure its effectiveness. This does not imply that quality is not integrated in all processes or that not all staff is responsible for quality, rather than to emphasize that quality is not side-lined and that the QSSM has the authority for implementing the QSSMS and reports directly to GroupEAD CEO.

Our decision in favour of a quality is meant as a signal, not only to our external customers, but also to those within GEAD.